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ARAB GSM Group & Al ALARABIYA has more than 20 years proven expertise in exporting
We Providing Export Strategy Development, Market Research and Customers Data
We link Arab countries with Europe, North America and South America and East Africa

Interdiction :

Arab GSM & Alarabiya of Export is a full service Export Consultant and direct Export marketing agency comes with more than 20 years of experience.
We provide our clients access to intelligent and experienced staff to meet their needs in all aspects of integrated communications.

Our Mission :

We can help you to secure international sales as your interim Export Manager .

Philosophy :

Our main philosophy is to build a good business relationship with your esteemed company based on trust and respect, using the most recent technology in our field.

Capabilities :

The more capabilities we have, the more value we offer is our believe. We are able to develop the most effective marketing solution based on an individual client's unique business needs.

Our Stipulation :

Customer satisfaction is a key principle that we value, we are keen to ensure accuracy,quality, speed, Export management, and after sales service.
We are also committed to find suitable solutions in order to contribute to the success of the Export campaign of the client.

⇒ Helping companies to research export market
⇒ Identifying partners in the markets and countries
⇒ Export Consultant & Global Marketing Agent
⇒ Managing the relationships with clients from initial contact through to final negotiations
⇒ Market research & Clients information

Our Services :

⇒Export Agent

⇒ Export Market Entry

⇒ Export Management 

⇒ Export Development  

⇒ Export Strategy 
⇒ Export Market Research
⇒ Import & Export Data Analysis

⇒ Export Online Marketing

⇒ Export Arbitration cases & Contracts Skills & Payment guarantee 
⇒ International Company formation & Embassies services 

⇒ Authentication & Apostille 

Products Circle  :

⇒Metal forming

⇒ Marble & granite - Decor stones  

⇒Mining materials Talc powder - Quartz stones -  silica sand

⇒Beverage- juice

⇒Agriculture -Frozen foods - Fruits
⇒Appliances ( TV-Refrigerators - Cookers - Microwave - Washers - Filters - Fans)

⇒Furniture - Leather goods - Handcrafts - Antiques - Hand mat - ⇒Cotton clothes -  Sportswear

⇒Plastic Products - Houseware - (Film -sheet-  Injection - Blowing-  PP,PET,ABS,PS ,HDPE,LDPE and Masterbatch)
⇒Scrap (Plastic - Aluminum - Paper - Tin - Iron - Copper)

We do export market research for demand of your product in foreign countries and develop export strategy  to build an International Marketing targeting your ideal customer by develop Multi country / Multi language and localized content depending on your business needs to find buyer from your targeted country .

We do cost effective and result oriented International promotion through online contact every day to identify sales opportunities by our large Marketing Mailing lists up to 10,000,000 for the world's biggest buyers for each product and design Marketing E-mailing lists, beautiful offers and newsletters for any product you want to send to a thousand serious buyers around the world 
to put your products in front of foreign buyers using technology.

We can send up to 100,000 Daily Marketing E-mail X 30 days="
Yes 3 Million E-mile per month

Al Arabiya is  a mixture of a Creativity and Talent

Hoping the above mentioned solutions; gives an idea about our company and our services in brief to achieves your company’s aim & satisfaction.

Mohamed khedr